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Furniture - Our Outdoor Upholstery Guide

Our Outdoor Upholstery Guide

If you’re on the lookout for premium quality fabric and upholstery for your outdoor furniture, you have come to the right place. 

Our outdoor upholsteries and fabrics are not just efficient for your outdoor furniture to withstand mild and severe weather conditions but can be very useful for indoor purposes as well. We pride in the fact all the fabrics in our collections are high-quality and we encourage you to check out our collections. 

Why Choose Us?

There are several outdoor upholsteries and fabrics available on the market today. This typically means you have a lot of options to choose from. Then again, there are factors that you should consider before purchasing an outdoor upholstery for your porch and patio furniture

We are confident that all our fabrics and upholstery tick the following factors:


One of the factors you need to put into consideration is the potential of your outdoor furniture getting soaked when there is rainfall. What you need is a fabric that is water-resistant and will prevent liquid from percolating the material inside. 


Most homeowners are on the lookout for outdoor furniture that is neutral and can blend with any décor or color theme they choose to work with. Regrettably, there are only a few outdoor neutral fabrics around. 

We are however pleased to announce to you that we have a collection of fabrics that can blend in and those that stand out.  


The ultraviolet rays of the sun have been proven to be very dangerous for stationary objects such as your outdoor furniture. When left exposed to direct sunlight, the rays of the sun pierces through the fabric and damages. Color fades and cracks on fabric are some common issues with UV rays. 

What you need is upholstery that is UV-resistant that will repel the dangerous rays and protect the furniture from damage. 

All-weather protection

Under severe weather conditions, outdoor furniture fabric that is not durable will suffer damages and color fades. What you need is a fabric that can be used for all-weather protection.


One common problem with low-quality outdoor furniture fabric is that they lose their shine and color after a short period of time. Faded furniture makes your porch and patio uninviting, unpleasant and old. 

You don’t want that. What you need is an outdoor furniture upholstery is that fade-resistant, to maintain that vibrancy your patio has already established. 


Most outdoor fabrics on the market today cannot resist stain in the form of mildews and molds. These stains on your furniture can make them look unpleasant. What you need to look out for is an outdoor upholstery fabric that is stain-resistant. 


If the outdoor upholstery fabric can be washed by machine or by hand at least, it is practically useless when it develops stains or become dusty. You should consider an outdoor fabric that is washable. 

The Porch Swing Store, over the years, is reputable for supplying the best upholstery for furniture repair. If you’re interested in revamping the look of your outdoor furniture for your porch or yard, do contact us today. 

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