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Plant - Relax For A Weekend In Florence, Al.

Relax For A Weekend In Florence, Al.

Weekend getaways are exciting, regardless of whether you’re traveling alone or with some friends and family members. It offers the opportunity to experience life and adventure from another scenery, mingling with locals, and learning about their culture and history. What’s more? It also offers the avenue to relax and have a good time.

And one place where you can experience all of that is the lovely city of Florence, Alabama. Located on the northwest side of Alabama, Florence is the largest city in Lauderdale County and belongs to a region called The Shoals. The Shoals is a group of 4 cities—Sheffield, Florence, Tuscumbia, and Muscle Shoals.

Tourists pay a visit to Florence all year long, and it’s just the perfect place for a weekend getaway. What are those things to do when you visit Florence?

Diebert Park.

Diebert Park is a massive expanse of natural and architectural delight, dedicated to giving you premium satisfaction and thrill. Designed by Kirk and Lilian Cook-Diebert, this park features walking trails interconnecting with aesthetic water features.

The park also features a playground for your kids (if you’ve any) to make fond memories. The park houses a Children’s Museum of the Shoals. Here, your kids can learn from educational workshops, lesson plans, and programs there.

McFarland Park.

McFarland Park is also another park you should visit when you come to Florence. Located between the Tennessee River and Downtown Florence, this park is a hotspot for tourist attraction.

The park graciously contains natural delights such as prairies and woodlands with a breathtaking landscape. This park features jogging paths, picnic shelters that come with fire pits, and a floating restaurant and bar to relax after a lengthy walk.

The park also offers a marina with boat slips, fishing piers, driving range, and lots more. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll catch a fishing festival such as the Bass Masters Fishing Tournament there.

Kennedy-Douglas Center for the Arts.

A weekend staycation to Florence isn’t complete without a trip to the Kennedy-Douglas Center for the Arts. This unique edifice was set up as an art facility to promote art to the locals and to visitors as well.

This center houses an art gallery, museum, studios, and classrooms revealing various artworks for your viewing pleasure. It also features annual exhibits from both resident and traveling artists. For those really interested in the complexities of art, the center offers workshops and programs to people of all ages and walks of life.

Odette Eatery.

Located in the center of downtown Florence, Odette is an eatery when tourists go to have their fill. Remarkable for its impressive decors, the food even tastes better with a southern touch.

Some of their popular dishes include charred sourdough, wild rice, and sorghum berry risotto, fried gulf oysters, gulf shrimp cioppino, and many more.

The Pie Factory.

Another place you should totally check out is the Pie Factory in Florence. Located at 106 North Court Street, this wonderful food palace offers a wide assortment of fresh salads and sides, pies, and pizza with different toppings specifically made from firewood.

If you’re in beers, the Pie Factory offers small-batch beers in bottles and on taps for your guzzling pleasure. Paying a visit to this place is a must.


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