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Furniture - LuxCraft Outdoor Furniture | Behind The Story

LuxCraft Outdoor Furniture | Behind The Story

Luxcraft is a privately owned company that is located in Sugar Creek, Ohio. It is an outdoor furniture manufacturer that was founded in 1990.


It began as a small business in the corner of a barn and exclusively dealt with manufacturing outdoor wood furniture.


Over the years, Luxcraft has expanded its manufacturing product line and has included outdoor structures like gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, and poly furniture that is creative, comfortable, colorful, durable, environmental-friendly, and super easy to clean and maintain.


These include the seats, tables, and other accessories.


Today, their products are made in a 60,000 square feet shop. This shop distributes its furniture to thousands of feeder shops across Canada and the United States.


A minor but growing percentage of their items are also finding their way to the international market and across the world.


Nature - LuxCraft | The Story Behind Their Success


Luxcraft has taken over the outdoor manufacturing industry because of the durability of their products.


One of their most recognized furniture is the Luxcraft Poly furniture which is made from recycled bottles of milk and jugs, and other plasticines that are treated and decontaminated.


Also, after the initial process of cleaning the used plastics, the paint is added into the plastic mold that is used to form the furniture (If you have worn-out poly furniture that has some broken part, you can check and confirm this!!).


Poly Lumber is an alternative to wood furniture, and it does not deteriorate. It is exceptionally resistant to moisture, insects, splintering, warping, and other chemicals and hazards of environmental exposure.


The typical trapping of wood furniture is of no concern for poly lumber furniture.


Luxcraft designed their Poly furniture in such a way that it can be left out all year-round and will still beautifully withstand coastal areas, blistering and frigid winters.

luxcraft poly furniture

Apart from poly furniture, the company is now creating fantastic timber designed pavilions out of beams and wood planks! More of their wood products include tables and other accessories such as the Deluxe Victorian Swing Stand.


LuxCraft offers a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. An advantage is that all Luxcraft products are reliable and pleasantly comfortable.


Comfort and carefree living are priorities for Luxcraft Furniture. One of their main aims is to put the wood furniture problems, such as splintering and warping, as a thing of the past.


The quality and unique products made and offered at Luxcraft are what distinguishes them from other outdoor product manufacturers. Their products are built to last seasons to come. They guarantee years in the durability of their items.


30,000 items stocked every month for immediate pick-up or shipment all-year-round indicate their consistency and hard work in providing the first-class furniture. Their warranty is also one of the best deals you can find around.


Luxcraft Outdoor Furniture Prices

Luxcraft furniture is an investment; highest quality outdoor furniture and rated A+ by Better Business Bureau, and this would not be possible if their customers were not happy and satisfied.


Their quality stands out, and so does the price. Comparing the costs to long-term longevity, it's easy to conclude that their products are relatively affordable. The following are just but mere examples of some of their products:   


Luxcraft Royal Adirondack Recycled Plastic Chair


luxcraft adirondack chairs


Price = $433.90


Luxcraft Crestville Adirondack Balcony Chair  


luxcraft adirondack chairs


 Price = $373.99


Luxcraft Crestville Island Coffee Table 

Furniture - LuxCraft | The Story Behind Their Success


Price = $331.15


Luxcraft Crestville 41” Counter Table


Furniture - LuxCraft | The Story Behind Their Success


Price = $669.99


Luxcraft Crestville Captains Dining Chair


Chair - LuxCraft | The Story Behind Their Success


Price = $445.85 


Luxcraft Crestville Poly Comfort Rocker


 Furniture - LuxCraft | The Story Behind Their Success


Price = $599.99


Luxcraft is still growing to a much larger scale with over 45 permanent employees, a considerable growth compared to the initial two. The core values remain the same though.


Every transaction is taken seriously, with integrity and focus on customer service. The products are built with a lot of emphasis on durability and longevity and then priced accordingly.


The best part is, Luxcraft is proudly made in America, and buying products not only improve the outdoor space but also boosts the economy as well.


Shop our Luxcraft collection today!


Which Luxcraft product would you want in your home today?


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