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Couch - How To Choose The Perfect Porch Swing

How To Choose The Perfect Porch Swing

An outdoor porch swing is a beautiful piece of furniture and can bring any home to life. It is a place where memories are made that last a life time. Do you want a hardened battleship for a swing? A homely loft? Or perhaps an elegant work of art? Regardless, you will need to have the knowledge of every type available to you, so you make the choice that is right for you.

Things to consider are what your setting needs and can handle. Think about the size of your porch, the style you are going for, color patterns and the look of your home, what you want out of your swing and the material of your swing is made of.


The Perfect spot for your Porch Swing

When placing a porch swing outdoors there are many options. You could set it up on your porch, hang it from a tree or even prop it up in the middle of your garden with the proper stand. Each location comes with positives and negatives. Placing your swing on a porch with roofing can greatly reduce the damage to it caused by mother nature and therefore save you time on maintenance. However, hanging your outdoor porch swing from a tree or placing it in your garden can make your home visually gorgeous. It’s also great to sit under a tree or in a garden and just let all your worries drift away.


Swing/Stand Sets

Another option to consider is how you want your swing to be setup. If it is a front porch swing, then it could be hung with ropes or chains. However, if you do not have a roof, or the roof is too short or high, then a stand set is another option. A stand set allows you to hang your swing without roofing or trees. It is the perfect choice if you lack a roof, want to place your swing in the middle of your garden, or a tree is simply too weak or too high up to support your swing. Just remember to accommodate for increased width and space if you choose to go a stand set.

Ropes and chains are an option if your setting can support them. Go with rope if your swing is protected by roofing. You do not want sun and rain damage to make your rope wet and dry-rotted because it will snap and the results will not be pretty. So, if you plan to place your swing under a tree, go with chains. While rust damage is a liability, there are coatings and materials you can buy that give protection against rust.


Size Matters

You, your family and guests will appreciate a larger front porch swing with enough space for “personal bubbles” and elbows to maneuver freely. Or, if you prefer a private space to read your favorite novel, then go with a small individual outdoor porch swing.


The Right Style of Swing

The style of your porch swing will really make your setting pop and add vitality to your home.  You can opt for a firm, wood swing that is hung by chains. You could choose a giant porch swing bed with a cushy bottom and pillows that are hung by ropes. Or something extremely elegant with woven patterns and designer pillows. The choice is yours. Just remember to think about what you want and whether that is style, comfort or somewhere in the middle.


Match Your Home

You wouldn’t want to place a thick, steel-framed porch swing in front of a little log cabin. Your outdoor porch swing should complement your home, not clash with it. A cute suburb home would look wonderful with a hardwood front porch swing or a woven, wicker styled swing. If you live in a 3-story house, then a hand-crafted, artisan metal swing could be exactly what you need. An eye-catching dark purple recycled plastic swing could be the correct choice to complement your garden of tulips.

Whatever you decide on, just remember to keep your home in mind.


Deciding What Your Swing Is Made From

Don’t just choose the first porch swing that looks pretty! Save yourself time and money by evaluating your choices and decide what material is best for your setting. Each type of material has its positives and negatives in terms of cost, look and, most importantly, its durability. The main types of material are hard wood, metal, and recycled plastics.

Hardwood is generally more expensive, but provides simple beauty and gives your front porch swing that authentic look and feel. While durable, if left to the onslaught of rain and sun exposure, your hardwood swing will develop mold, rot, and discoloration. If you plan to place your swing somewhere that isn’t protected by a roof, then we advise that you reconsider or come design a plan to protect your swing.

Metal swings are usually cheaper than their hardwood counterparts and can come in all sorts of stylish designs. Just like with hardwood swings, metal ones also suffer from rain and sun damage by developing rust and discoloration. There are certain metal materials and sprays that your swing can be coated with to reduce these damages. It is still recommended that you protect metal porch swings by placing them under roofing. You can’t beat a classic front porch swing.

Recycled plastic is the cheapest of the materials and does not suffer from weather damage. A great option if you want to place your swing in your garden or under a tree. Just be sure any pillows or covers on it are brought inside after use.


So, What Swing Is Right for You?

By now you should have a good understanding of the options of porch swings that are available to you. It is up to you reflect on those options and decide which choice is best for your home, your location and your needs.

Any swing you choose is going to be an epic addition to your home and will last a life time with proper care.


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