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Advantages of a Porch Glider | The Porch Swing Store

What Is a Porch Glider & How Does It Work?

A porch glider is a mechanism that allows you to setup your porch swing without hanging the swing via chains or ropes. This is possible due to a gliding track system underneath your porch swing. The glider can be placed anywhere it will fit. No more drilling or tedious chain setup.

  • Utilizing a porch glider swing as opposed to a hanging swing has several advantages:
  • Faster and Easier setup
  • No rusting of chains
  • Metal Porch Gliders made with rust-proof zinc hardware
  • Takes up less space than a hanging swing
  • Works in locations without roofs unlike traditional hanging swings
  • Highly portable

Porch glider swings come with all of these advantages and are safer than traditional hanging porch swings. No more worrying about your swing collapsing while you are in it. The glider does not require anywhere near the amount of upkeep and attention that hanging swings do.

Purchasing an outdoor glider is a sound investment that will save you money & time. There is a reason why most choose this setup!


A porch glider is an awesome way to relax and be at ease after a hard day of work. Pull out a glass of lemonade, pop open your favorite book and feel the breeze swirling over your body. And surprise, surprise there are ways to make this experience even more relaxing!

Glider Canopies protect you from the heat and provide much needed coolness. They also provide excellent protection from rain, snow, and anything else that may come falling out of the sky to ruin your day!

Cushions and custom made throw pillows can give your porch glider swing that extra comfort and originality. Or during cooler weather, line the glider with a dense quilt by folding over the bench seat and then lining the rest going up and over the seat back. Make your swing your own with your favorite cushions and pillows.

Add-ons. There are many add-ons you can install yourself or buy. Cup holders, book racks, trays/desks, side shelving and more. Customizations are much easier when dealing with a wooden glider swing as opposed to a metal glider swing.

A Glider Swing for Everyone

Porch gliders come in a variety of materials. The main types are metal porch gliders and wooden glider swings. Depending on what theme or style your setup is going for, you’ll choose the material that is best suited for you.

Metal porch gliders are extremely sturdy and typically require minimal maintenance. This is due to easy setup and rust-proof zinc hardware. Once the glider is up, you are good to go! Metal gliders come in an array of colors and materials.

Wooden gliders are extremely sturdy and resilient as well, but over time the finish and painting will wear of due to continual use and nature. There are many types of hard wood for you to choose from such as cedar, oak and teak to name a few. Just remember to keep your glider in pristine condition by checking the paint and finish every few months and protecting it from whatever mother nature can throw its way.

Knowing about the advantages of using gliders on porch swings over traditional hanging methods will allow you to make an educated purchase. Just remember to go with the method that suits your needs and will make you the happiest!

You can check out our selection of porch gliders at our online store. 

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