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Toy - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

It is easy to find hundreds of porch swings online, but the question is, do you know what quality to look for? Most of us just rush to make purchases without having an idea of what we are doing.

For wooden porch swings, you may end up buying one that will wear out in weeks because you did not know the basics of furniture.

The key elements to look for in a complete set of furniture includes the weight capacity, type of wood used on the furniture, and usability. There is a broad range of woods that are used to create wooden porch swings, but the following four are the best and most commonly used:


  • Oak Wood

This is one of the commonly known as hardwood timber that is used to create long-lasting porch swings. It is obviously strong and heavy; a character that enables it to survive over the years. It also doesn’t wear out due to fungal attack.

Its natural wood grain texture makes it easy to paint.


  • Cedar Wood

Cedar is a reddish brown softwood that does not rot quickly. Its natural color is more appealing to the eye rather than added paint.

However, its fine texture ensures that minimal amount of paint can be evenly spread for a better outlook. Cedar is one of the most used wood for creating furniture due to its lightweight.


  • Cypress Wood

If you are looking for an outdoor wooden porch swing, glider or chair, then you should consider furniture that is made of cypress because it is light and also watertight (the wood does not absorb or soak in water as most woods do).

Cypress produces a natural light scent and oil that is responsible for protecting the wood against decay and insects.


  • Pine Wood

Pinewood is also a soft wood. You can easily pick it out among other types of wood due to its whitish or pale yellow color. With the right specialist, this kind of wood can be used to make excellent furniture designs and finishes since it does not swell nor does it shrink.


Here is our list of the top 9 porch swings.

  1. Hershy Way Cypress 5 ft. Classic Grandpa Porch Swing

Toy - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

If you are looking to have a cozy evening, this is your swing. With comforting pillows and heavy-duty chains, you are assured of a beautiful and calm evening with your friend or family. It is also bound to last since its made of termite and rot resistant wood.

Price = $179.99


  1. Jack Post Jennings Traditional 4-Foot Swing Seat


Swing - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

Classy is what defines this seat. This chair is made while retaining the original look and texture of the wood (you can paint it with any color if you wish to. It blends in like a chameleon). It is light; only 18 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of around 400 pounds. It is best used under a shade.

Don’t worry about assembling it. With just the standard tools like a hammer, pliers or screwdriver, you will set it up in minutes. The best thing about the seat is that it is affordable.

Price = $70.00


  1. 5-Foot Cypress Porch Swing With Cup Holder  

Toy - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

What’s better than a porch swing with a pair of stable cup holders. Whether you are having time with your kids or partner, this Porch Swing is the best. The drinking console has been made to make you feel comfortable in that you can flip it up if you are not using it.

Price = $270.99


  1. 5 Foot Handmade Cypress Porch Swing with Cupholders

Furniture - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

The waterproof and durable character of the “Eternal Wood” (cypress) is what makes this swing ideal for interior, and especially, exterior use.

The 5ft Handmade swing is well refined at the edges to prevent wearing down your clothes.


  1. Lakeland Mills 4-Foot Cedar Log Porch Swing, Natural

Swing - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

This is a complete definition of “old school”. It gives you a feel of the 60s. It is made from white cedar logs. It is crafted to be strong and withstand harsh weather conditions. The natural wood and log spots give this seat an originality that cannot be replaced by paint. It can be designed with or without a cup-holder(s).

Price = $389.99


  1. Beecham 5 Foot Oak Porch Swing

Outdoors - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

This type of swing comes in all shapes and sizes. The most amazing one is the Beecham Oak Porch Swing which is 5ft long and has a drinking console. Other designs include classical makes such as the


Price = $139.99


  1. All Things Cedar Duncan Red Cedar 4 Foot Porch Swing

Furniture - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

This is a 6 ft long swing made of the rot-resistant cedar. It is best for use on shaded or covered areas. It can hold the weight of around 500lbs. It is easy to install since it has pre-drilled holes and the natural unfinished cedar can be painted, stained or left like that as per your taste and fashion.

Price = $289.99


  1. Wood Country Cabbage Hill 4ft Red Cedar Swing

Swing - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

This is a classic collection made of a simple yet appealing look. The mix of the deep and light wood colors of dried kiln Red Cedar is just enough to make you rest after a tiresome day at work. The swing is held together by chains which are connected to the protruding reinforcements on the sides.

The background is made slightly vertical to create a solid backrest while the sitting area is slightly slopped backward to give more stability while sitting and swinging.


Price = $359.99 


  1. Amish Heavy Duty 800 Lb. Roll Back 5ft. Treated Porch Swing With Cup Holders


 Swing - 9 Wooden Porch Swings That Will Inspire You.

The Amish Heavy Duty porch swing is a sturdy, attractive and fantastic seat with a cup holder at each end. It is built to precision with treated pine before the soy-based cedar tone stain is added. You do not need to ask about its weight; its name describes it all.

Price = $246.99


If you are looking forward to having one of the above beautiful swings, remember to consider the use of the swing (indoors or outdoors) and the type of wood used to make the swing.

This will give you an insight of what you need and will save you extra cash and time for replacing or returning unworthy items.

There are various porch swings designs out there which are probably better than the ones mentioned above.

Which porch swing inspires you? Comment below.



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