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A & L Furniture Spindle Cedar Bridge

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$2,181.03 - $5,790.88
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Details of the A & L Furniture Spindle Cedar Bridge

Traverse almost any obstacle of any size. Make a new path that wasn't possible before. Just choose your desired length and corresponding width and how you want the cedarÿwood to be stained! The under arch lifts approximately 10 and a half inches off the groundÿat its highest point. If you are looking for a quality bridge first and foremost, this isÿan excellent option for you.

Our cedar furniture line is made with Western red cedar, the most preferred and superior quality of cedars.


  • Handcrafted in the United States
  • Cedar furniture is available in 8 stain options. All items can also be ordered unfinished for you to finish in the color of your choice.
  • Waist height hand rails
  • A quality product made in America by skilled Amish craftsman.


  • Outside Dimensions: 3'x4' Bridge: 48"L 38"D 41"H, 3'x6' Bridge: 71"L 38"D 42"H, 3'x8' Bridge: 93"L 38"D 43"H, 3'x10' Bridge: 118"L 38"D 43"H, 3'x12' Bridge: 142"L 38"D 43"H, 4'x8' Bridge: 93"L 49"D 43"H, 4'x10' Bridge: 118"L 49"D 43"H, 4'x12' Bridge: 142"L 49"D 43"H
  • Inside Dimensions: 3'x4' Bridge: 48"L 31"D, 3'x6' Bridge: 71"L 31"D, 3'x8' Bridge: 93"L 31"D, 3'x10' Bridge: 118"L 31"D, 3'x12' Bridge: 142"L 31"D, 4'x8' Bridge: 93"L 42"D, 4'x10' Bridge: 118"L 42"D, 4'x12' Bridge: 142"L 42"D
  • End - Arch: 3'x4' Bridge: 8, 3'x6' Bridge: 12, 3'x8' Bridge: 16, 3'x10' Bridge: 22, 3'x12' Bridge: 24, 4'x8' Bridge: 16, 4'x10' Bridge: 22, 4'x12' Bridge: 24
  • Floor: 10/12"H, Floor - Railing Top: 31"H
  • Product Weight: 3'x4' Bridge: 115 lbs, 3'x6' Bridge: 210 lbs, 3'x8' Bridge: 255 lbs, 3'x10' Bridge: 280 lbs, 3'x12' Bridge: 325 lbs, 4'x8' Bridge: 280 lbs, 4'x10' Bridge: 350 lbs, 4'x12' Bridge: 430 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 3'x4' Bridge: 48"L 48"W 23"H, 3'x6' Bridge: 72"L 48"W 23"H, 3'x8' Bridge: 95"L 48"W 23"H, 3'x10' Bridge: 119"L 48"W 23"H, 3'x12' Bridge: 143"L 48"W 23"H, 4'x8' Bridge: 95"L 48"W 23"H, 4'x10' Bridge: 119"L 48"W 23"H, 4'x12' Bridge: 143"L 48"W 23"H
  • Shipping Weight: 3'x4' Bridge: 160 lbs, 3'x6' Bridge: 250 lbs, 3'x8' Bridge: 295 lbs, 3'x10' Bridge: 335 lbs, 3'x12' Bridge: 390 lbs, 4'x8' Bridge: 320 lbs, 4'x10' Bridge: 400 lbs, 4'x12' Bridge: 495 lbs
  • Shipping Method: Freight

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to