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A & L Furniture Acorn Garden Cedar Bridge

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Details of the A & L Furniture Spindle Cedar Bridge

Building and decorating a small garden on your landscape can be both a challenge and an ambitious project. But your small garden will not live to its full potential without the needed accessories. The Acorn Garden Bridge will add value and make your garden stand out and be a place to remember.

Handcrafted in the USA, from quality western red cedarÿwood, this piece is a must-have for anyone who needs a bridge to navigate across small streams or less than favorable ground conditions. Choose from the various stained options, as well as the different sizes. If you want to stain it yourself or have it in its natural raw treated pine state, you can order it unstained.

Our cedar furniture line is made with Western red cedar, the most preferred and superior quality of cedars. We recommend the stained option for increased weather resistant protection.


  • Handcrafted in the U.S
  • Cedar furniture is available in 8 stain options. All items can also be ordered unfinished for you to finish in the color of your choice.
  • Western Red Cedar
  • A quality product made in America by skilled Amish craftsman.


  • Outside Dimensions: 3'x4' Bridge: 48"L 38"D 25"H, 3'x6' Bridge: 71"L 38"D 25"H, 3'x8' Bridge: 93"L 38"D 27"H, 3'x10' Bridge: 118"L 38"D 27"H, 3'x12' Bridge: 142"L 38"D 27"H, 4'x8' Bridge: 93"L 49"D 27"H, 4'x10' Bridge: 118"L 49"D 27"H, 4'x12' Bridge: 142"L 49"D 27"H
  • Inside Dimensions: 3'x4' Bridge: 48"L 31"D, 3'x6' Bridge: 71"L 31"D, 3'x8' Bridge: 93"L 31"D, 3'x10' Bridge: 118"L 31"D, 3'x12' Bridge: 142"L 31"D, 4'x8' Bridge: 93"L 42"D, 4'x10' Bridge: 118"L 42"D, 4'x12' Bridge: 142"L 42"D
  • End - Arch: 3'x4' Bridge: 8, 3'x6' Bridge: 12, 3'x8' Bridge: 16, 3'x10' Bridge: 22, 3'x12' Bridge: 24, 4'x8' Bridge: 16, 4'x10' Bridge: 22, 4'x12' Bridge: 24
  • Floor: 10/12"H, Floor - Railing Top: 15"H
  • Product Weight: 3'x4' Bridge: 105 lbs, 3'x6' Bridge: 185 lbs, 3'x8' Bridge: 210 lbs, 3'x10' Bridge: 230 lbs, 3'x12' Bridge: 265 lbs, 4'x8' Bridge: 255 lbs, 4'x10' Bridge: 305 lbs, 4'x12' Bridge: 375 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 3'x4' Bridge: 48"L 48"W 18"H, 3'x6' Bridge: 72"L 48"W 18"H, 3'x8' Bridge: 95"L 48"W 18"H, 3'x10' Bridge: 119"L 48"W 18"H, 3'x12' Bridge: 143"L 48"W 18"H, 4'x8' Bridge: 95"L 48"W 18"H, 4'x10' Bridge: 119"L 48"W 18"H, 4'x12' Bridge: 143"L 48"W 18"H
  • Shipping Weight: 3'x4' Bridge: 145 lbs, 3'x6' Bridge: 225 lbs, 3'x8' Bridge: 265 lbs, 3'x10' Bridge: 285 lbs, 3'x12' Bridge: 325 lbs, 4'x8' Bridge: 310 lbs, 4'x10' Bridge: 365 lbs, 4'x12' Bridge: 445 lbs
  • Shipping Method: Freight

    WARNING:ÿThis product can expose you to chemicals including wood dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to